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Musical Folktales and Fables: CD Recordings  
(CDs $15)

For Younger Listeners:
  Sing Me A Story (Grades K-2):
Traditional Nursery Tales in Song
  Tales Around the Hearth (Grades K-3):
Folk Stories of Cooperation & Sharing
  The Animals Could Talk (Grades K-3):
Aesop's Fables
For Older Listeners:
  Songspinner (Grade 3 to Adult):
Musical Folktales & Fables from Around the World
  Tales of Womenfolk (Grade 4 to Adult):
Folktales featuring courageous heroines.
  The Eye of the Beholder (Grade 4 to Adult):
Collection of folktales about the relativity of perception
  World Tales (Grade 4 to Adult):
Musical performances based on tales from Heather Forest's anthologies Wisdom Tales and Wonder Tales
  Wonder Tales from Around the World (Grade 3 to Adult):
Six musical tales from Wonder Tales from Around the World.

Full Color Picture Books:   (Softcover $7; Hardcover $16)

  A Big Quiet House...A Yiddish Folktale (hardcover)
  Stone Soup...A European Tale (softcover)
  Feathers...A Jewish Tale from Eastern Europe(hardcover)
  The Little Red Hen...An Old Fable (hardcover)
  The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind...An Aesop's Fable (Hardcover)

Folktale Anthologies:   (Softcover $16)

  Wonder Tales From Around the World(Grade 3-Adult)
Twenty-seven multicultural folktales that celebrate imaginative themes. Great for dramatic read-a-loud.
  Wisdom Tales From Around the World(Grade 4-Adult)
Fifty metaphorical stories from story traditions where tales are used to make a point. These stories are an effective starting point for discussion.

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