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Beyond Words: Nonverbal Communication

Allowing the body to reflect the story being told can enhance storytelling. As words are spoken, vividly imagine the setting and characters of the story and let your body speak too. In our everyday life we speak with our bodies, faces and gestures as well as our voices. The meaning of what we say is subtly altered by how we stand, move, and gesture while we speak.

Even in Complete Silence We Speak

For example, how would you say the following sentences without words?

"It's too hot."
"I'm too cold!"
"SSHHH! Be quiet."
"Come here."
"Come here quickly!"
"Stay back! It's dangerous!"
"I'm impatient"
"I'm tired"
"What did you say? (I can't hear you)"

While Telling a Story, Let Your Body Speak

Try allowing your body to reflect, not demonstrate your words as you are telling your story. If you clearly picture the story in your imagination as you tell it, your body, face, and voice will respond naturally to your inner vision.

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