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Excellent Educational Resource Sites for Teachers

These sites are doorways to many other sites. Nicely organized as a library of links these sites are a good starting place for educators to explore educational resources on the web.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
**** An essential award winning site for educators. All curriculum areas covered. Many language arts links to other sites of interest. Created and up-dated daily by Kathleen Schrock, Technology Coordinator, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, Yarmouth, MA, USA
Shortcut to literature & language arts

The Children's Literature Web Guide
A popular site with librarians and teachers because of its extensive links to authors, books, and storytelling resources as well as lists galore of additional topics related to children's literature. David K. Brown of the University of Calgary maintains the site

Web Sites and Resources for Teachers
An awesome award-winning site maintained by elementary education professors: Dr. Vicki Sharp and Dr. Richard Sharp of California State University
Shortcut to Language Arts

The Art of Storytelling with Brother Wolf
An extensive, well conceived collection of interviews with storytellers on the art and applications of storytelling, conducted and archived by Eric James Wolf.
Interview with Heather Forest on Musical Storytelling with Children

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