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These stories are a collection of concise folktale plots retold by Heather Forest for students to explore and retell. Once students can remember a folktale's simple sequence of events, the plot can be elaborated upon and personalized with new descriptive details, new dialogue, characterization and a sense of metaphor.

These short folktales can also be used as recitation text that students can use to practice performance skills.

Have Fun! Be Creative! Invent a new way to retell an old tale.

Plot Collection:

*Stories in a Nutshell...Concise Plots For the Retelling
These very short versions of folktales from around the world are retold by Heather Forest.

*Aesop's ABC...Twenty Six Fables
These alphabetically organized selections of Aesop's fables are retold by Heather Forest.

More Story Resources:

*A Storytelling Bookshelf for Teachers
A list of books which offer an overview of uses for storytelling in the classroom.

*A Storytelling Audio Collection for the Classroom
A list of audiotapes which offer a range of styles and multicultural tales by professional tellers.

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