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Retelling Folktales

About Storytelling

Storytelling is one of our oldest art forms. Long before modern media entertained us storytelling was a common pastime, and a good storyteller was a valuable attribute to the community. Folktales and fables are one of the oldest educational tools through which cultures have passed down values and lore from one generation to the next.

Listening to stories can be a vivid creative experience. Most of a story told takes place in the imagination of the listener. Through the magic of language and the storyteller's skill, stories can come to life with landscapes and costumes as colorful and complex as the creative listener devises.

Becoming A Storyteller

Becoming a storyteller can encourage verbal self-confidence, foster an awareness of one's own unique imagination, and enhance listening skills. Storytelling is interactive community fun!

*Getting Started

*Finding Folktales to Tell

*Learning the Plot

*Improvising Language

*Beyond Words: Nonverbal Communication

*Practice & Stage Fright

*Coaching Beginner Storytellers

*Cultural Studies

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