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The Fox and The Crow

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There once was a big black crow sitting high up in the trees. In his beak he had a nice, round cheese.

Along came a fox, as clever as they come, "Mmmm," he thought. "I'd like to have a bite of that cheese. It will be easy to get some...."

"Oh crow," called fox, "if your voice is half as beautiful as those fine feathers I see, it would please my ears to hear you sing a little melody!"

Well, crow had never heard anyone say such a complimentary thing. So, he opened up his beak and he began to squawk and sing.

Down fell the cheese into the waiting mouth of the fox below.

"Oh no!" squawked the crow, "you've stolen my dinner!"

"Not at all!" said the fox, licking his lips. "It was a fair enough trade! Vain crow, with your head up in the trees! You got the compliments, and I got the cheese!"

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